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Vintage Cocktails #29: The Blue Paradise Cocktail

Up next we have the curiously named Blue Paradise cocktail, which was created by Belgian barman Emil Bauwens. I’m not really sure about the naming of his drinks, as it is not blue in any shape or form. The forgotten spirit in this particular drink is Parfait Amour.

Parfait Amour is a purple liqueur, usually created from a curacao base and flavored with rose petals, orange blossom, vanilla and almonds. While Parfait Amour is not too common, it is produced both by the House of Lucas Bols in the Netherlands, as well as Marie Brizard in France.

Blue Paradise
2 oz Cognac
1 oz Dubonnet Rouge
4 Dashes Parfait Amour

Blackthorn Cocktail

Vintage Cocktails #4: The Blackthorn

So apparently going through the book in order is out, as some ingredients are proving difficult to acquire, and some just make sense to do together.

Henceforth comes the Blackthorn. Since I had the bottle of Dubonnet opened, I figured I might as well use it while it was good.

The Blackthorn Cocktail
1 1/2 oz Gin
1/2 oz Dubonnet
1/2 oz Kirschwasser

This drink is not a winner for me. It was a fine, well balanced drink, just not suited to my tastes.

Arnauds Special

Vintage Cocktails #3: Arnaud’s Special

Arnaud’s Special is an interesting cocktail in that it contains Scotch. There are only 4 drinks in Vintage Cocktails that include Scotch, and most people have only heard of one: the
Blood and Sand. I am curious as to why there are not more Scotch drinks however, as it is a whisky and there seems to be plenty of those. Granted it’s bolder flavors and smokiness can prove difficult, but all the more reason that people should be taking on the challenge.

The Arnaud’s is really a variation on the Manhattan, and a succesful one at that.

2 oz Scotch
1 oz Dubonnet Rouge
2 dashes orange bitters