Spirit Reviews: Fremont Mischief Whiskey

Fremont Mischief Distillery is another of Seattle’s newest craft distilleries. At this distillery they are producing four products; John Jacob Rye Whiskey, Fremont Mischief Rye Whiskey, Fremont Mischief Gin, and Fremont Mischief Wheat Vodka. Today we will be taking a look at the Fremont Mischief Whiskey.

This whiskey is an 8 year old, 90 proof, rye whiskey. So how can a distillery licensed for only a year already have a product that claims to be aged eight years? As it turns out, both the John Jacob and Fremont Mischief are distilled following the same family recipe, the former being produced in Seattle from Washington grown grain, the latter being distilled in Canada. Both are bottled at their respective proofs at the Seattle location with artesian water from Mt Rainier. So let’s see how this rye whiskey stands up to the competition.

Upon opening the short squat bottle you are greeted with fantastic caramel and vanilla notes, but not much else. A little bit of peppery spice and alcohol aromas, but those are very muted. On the tongue the whiskey definitely picks it up a notch with lots of spicy notes, more caramel, and some oaky notes. Other than that, this whiskey seems a little thin in flavor, and the finish is long and dry, but a little alcoholic with some slightly bitter undertones. Perhaps not the best whiskey to be sipping neat. What this spirit really seems suited for is cocktails, although it is still not quite bold enough to be a go to whiskey in my Manhattans. Overall I think that the eight years in a barrel is more negative than positive as most of the kick seems to have been stripped from this whiskey. While this particular whiskey was not really my cup of tea, I do look forward to trying some of Fremont Mischief’s other products. Cheers!

Rating: ★★½☆☆

7 thoughts on “Spirit Reviews: Fremont Mischief Whiskey”

  1. I had really high hopes for this whiskey but man oh man is it bad. They should just put it in a plastic bottle on the bottom shelf. After my friends and I sampled it on the rocks, we determined mixing it with Coke made it palitable.

    1. Yeah, I was really disappointed as well. Maybe when they start distilling and aging at their own facility it will pick up the quality a bit.

  2. Wow…your review was a surprise to me and my friends that love good aged Whiskey and Scotch. When I first tasted Mischief, I instantly fell in love with it. I found it to be a great sipping whiskey and neat is the only way I drink it as the taste and finish is outstanding. With that said…it is all about the pallet and Mischief is my new whiskey of choice.

  3. I agree with the last comment. I tried my first sip of it tonight, taking it in on the rocks and then neat. I found it to be very pleasant. I thought it was palatable and enjoyable. They’re obviously not trying to overdo things, which I like. Some whiskeys are way too strong and I feel like I need to plan my evening around sipping on it. Fremont Mischief complemented my other plans quite well.

  4. my first 3 bottles i loved they were bottled in april 2012. a frend bought me a bottle from october 2012, and it was terrible i am very dissapointed. why did they change the recipie. i dont know if i will buy it again.

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