Spirit Review: Green Spot Irish Whiskey

green-spot-irish-whiskey Green Spot Irish Whiskey is produced by Irish Distillers Limited for famed wine merchants Mitchell & Son or Dublin, Ireland.  It is one of just a few remaining bonded irish whiskeys, as well as one of the few pure pot still whiskeys produced in Ireland, and is limited to just 500 cases per annum.

Originally produced at the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street, sometime after Mitchell & Son began selling whiskey in 1887, ‘Green Spot’ refers to the tradition of marking barrels of whiskey with a spot of paint to indicate their age.  Mitchell & Son had a full lineup of whiskies, including Green, Yellow, Red and Blue Spot.

Today, only Green and Yellow Spot remain in production, although their formulations and age have changed since production moved to the Middleton Distillery.  Green Spot is bottled at 40% ABV after being aged in 75% American oak ex-bourbon barrels and 25% in sherry casks for 8-9 years, (although there is no official age statement on the bottle). At the moment, distribution is limited primarily to Ireland with the exception of some online specialty retailers, although IDL aquired the rights to distribute outside of Ireland in 2011. No word on whether this will be sold here in the USA as of yet.

Nose: Orange peel, candied ginger, and honey with a slight herbal quality. Green pears and faint sherry notes.

Palate: Very viscous feel. Spicy ginger and cider with very minimal burn. Very clean flavors. The sherry casks seem to disguise some of the heavier oily flavors often present in pot distilled spirits.

Finish: Medium length, with some hints of hazelnuts. Clean and refreshing, while leaving you wanting another sip.

Rating: ★★★★½

Ninkasi Beer Cocktails

Last night at the Oyster Bar we hosted a beer cocktail night featuring Ninkasi beers and Oola spirits.

Pairing beer and spirits is a timeless tradition going back to 1695 and the beginning of the mixed drink, so it was fun to put our modern twist on it. We were lucky enough to have several rare Ninkasi beers on tap to use in our cocktails, so we took full advantage the diverse lineup to create some unique cocktails. To give credit, a couple of the drinks are variations of those posted up on the Beer Mixology site, while the rest are my creations.
So the next time you are up for some experimenting, grab that bottle of beer, a bottle of booze, and let the good times roll. Cheers!


The End of an Era…

For the past 2 years I have been proud to call the Oyster Bar at Bayou on Bay my home. All that will be changing soon, as the current location of the Oyster Bar will be closing in the Spring, and we will be reopening in a larger space with a little bit larger of a concept. I’ll share more in a bit, but for now here are some pictures of the new location. The space is still in the very early stages of construction, and much needs to be done, but this will give you a little idea of what’s to come.

IMG_1871 Looking from the bar area towards the entrance

IMG_1867Looking at the bar towards the future patio

IMG_1870Looking at the back bar and future wall of booze

Vow of Silence

It seems that certain combination of spirits always results in endless variations of a similar cocktail. Which is not bad, as it allows you to gain an understanding of the small nuances between recipes, as well as helps you refine your palette as you look for those differing qualities.

This cocktail is just that, a play on the timeless pairing of gin, chartreuse and rosemary. Many cocktails have been made using these three ingredients, as they work so well together. Taking these flavors and adding modifiers or playing with ratios, results in cocktails with similar, and at the same time, differing qualities. This particular cocktail is currently on my menu at the Oyster Bar at Bayou on Bay and has been very popular in the last couple of months.

Vow of Silence
1 1/2 oz Rosemary Infused Gin
3/4 oz Dolin Blanc Vermouth
3/4 oz Yellow Chartreuse