Distilling School Anyone?

Dry Fly Distilling School

Starting In January 2009, Dry Fly Distilling will begin offering Hand Crafted, grain to bottle, distilling classes. Two options exist, a two day or a six day course. Details are included in the above file.

When I happen to have some spare change around, I would definitely love to go to distilling school. Not really because I want to open my own distillery, but more to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the craft of distilling.

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Irish Cream Redone

After posting about Bailey’s the other day, I got a real hankering for some irish cream.  I go to the cabinet to grab be a sip, and realize that I am out.  This is no good I think to myself as I search for an alternate beverage.  Since it was a rather chilly night, and I couldn’t get anything to catch my eye, I settled for a hot toddy instead, vowing that I would remedy this lack of irish cream promptly.

Enter Jeffrey Morgenthaler.  Figuratively of course.  I had been passing the time at work by reading up on old MxMo articles, and I came across a recipe from Mr Morgenthaler on making your own irish cream.  His recipe was excellent, but I decided to tweak it a little bit for my own tastes.

14 oz Irish whiskey (I used half Jamesons and half Redbreast simply because that’s what I had)
12 oz half and half
14 oz sweetened condensed milk
1 oz espresso
1 oz chocolate syrup
3/4 oz caramel syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract

I feel that the recipe turned out pretty good. I think it could possibly use just a tad more espresso, and maybe some mint extract or creme de menthe.

One thing I will remedy for the next batch is the amount. This recipe produces about 38 oz of irish cream, and since I was reusing my whiskey bottle to be helpful to the environment, I was left with about a beer bottle left over.

MxMo: Guilty Pleasures

Having just arrived home from a 3 week work trip to San Francisco, I realized that Mxmo was upon me again.  Having not posted in a while I feel that I should at least make a little effort.

My biggest guilty pleasure is Bailey’s Irish Cream.  I absolutely love it.  Nevermind that when I have a glass I am probably drinking about 15grams of fat, not to mention all the sugar.   But it doesn’t matter because it makes my day happy, soothes me, and my cares disappear into the night.

My favorite cocktail that includes Baileys would be my varitation of a mudslide.  Sadly no picture, as I do not have my camera handy at the moment, but recipe shall follow.

Dennis’s Mudslide:
1 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a cocktail glass drizzled with chocolate syrup.

This could possibly be the sweetest most un-manly cocktail I have ever consumed. But I love it. And that’s what it’s all about.